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Tournaments Binomo Broker

After its Foundation in 2014, the broker Binomo almost immediately began to hold competitions in trading on its platform. All registered users can participate in tournaments. There are two main types of tournaments: free and paid.

Paid tournaments

In paid tournaments, the reward Bank consists of the participation price paid by traders, the more participants the higher the prize pool. After paying for participation, the trader is given access to a special type of account (tournament account). After the start of the tournament, all participants have the same balance. The more you can increase the tournament score the more you will be in the leader board and the more you will get a prize.

If you lose the entire tournament balance you need to pay the prize again.

Free tournaments

Free tournaments are sponsored by the broker, the free tournament has a smaller prize pool and more competition. By participating in this competition you will get a chance to win without spending your own money. Free tournaments generally last one day.


Tournaments on the platform of Binomo a great way to spend time and earn money. But you need to consider your ability to trade otherwise you can be left without a prize. In a free tournament you do not risk anything but the competition is higher and the prize is less.

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