How to make a deposit on Binomo platform?

At the moment, the Binomo broker provides its users with many methods of depositing the balance, these can be various banks or bank cards, payment systems or replenishment using cryptocurrency.

One of the most popular deposit methods is with a bank card that has been issued for you to fund your Binomo account. This may be a personal or non-personalized card (without the name of the cardholder), a card in a currency other than that in which your account is used. As an example, we will replenish the Binomo account from a bank card.

Payment method Binomo
Types of payment methods depend on the country of residence of the trader

How to deposit with a bank card?

Quick guide

  1. Register or login to your Binomo account.
  2. Click the “Deposit” button in the top right corner.
  3. Select your region from the drop-down “Country” menu.
  4. Choose a card brand (i.e. VISA, Mastercard).
  5. Select a recommended deposit amount or type in a custom sum.
  6. Fill in the card details, then click “OK”.
  7. Wait for the confirmation code sent in SMS or push notification, then enter it to finish the payment.
  8. If the payment is successful, you’ll be redirected to the page with the transaction details.

In most cases, funds are credited within an hour or even instantly. Sometimes, however, it may take longer depending on your payment service provider. Please check the payment processing time for your country and card brand before contacting Binomo support.

How to deposit with a non-personalized card?

Non-personalized bank cards don’t specify the cardholder’s name. It doesn’t matter whether you have a personalized or non-personalized card, in both cases, you’ll be able to fund your Binomo account. The only necessary condition here is that the card has to be yours, and you should confirm the ownership. For that, send one of the following documents to support@binomo.com or via live chat:

  • Bank reference with a signature and stamp;
  • Statement from the banking service with a signature and stamp;
  • Screenshot of your account from the bank app or online service.

How do I fund my account with a card (wallet) in a different currency?

No need to do anything special: just make a deposit using the “Cashier” section on the Binomo platform (“Deposit” button in the top right corner). The funds will be automatically converted to the currency your Binomo account uses.

Binomo never charges you any currency conversion fee. Funds are exchanged at the current rate of the bank serving the payment. You will always be able to check the amount in the target currency before confirming the payment.

Is that safe to send you funds?

It’s totally safe if you deposit through the “Cashier” section on the Binomo platform (“Deposit” button in the top right corner). We only cooperate with trusted payment service providers that comply with security and personal data protection standards, such as 3-D Secure or the PCI standard used by Visa.

In some cases, when making a deposit, you’ll be redirected to our partners’ websites. For example, when you top up your account with cryptocurrency, you will see the CoinPayments user interface. Don’t worry. If you’re depositing through “Cashier”, it’s completely safe to fill in your personal data and send funds to CoinPayments or other payment service providers.

The payment didn’t go through, what do I do?

Failed payments fall into two types:

  • Funds haven’t been debited from your card or wallet;
  • Funds have been debited but not credited to the Binomo account.

In the first case, please check your payment method. Make sure it’s not expired, and you’ve entered the correct information, including your name, CVV, and SMS confirmation code. If the details are correct, and you have sufficient funds on your account, yet still aren’t able to transfer funds, please contact the payment provider.

If the transaction’s been successful, but you haven’t received the funds within a business day, we’ll need to confirm the payment. Please send us a bank statement or screenshot from the banking app or online service. Your first and last name, the card or wallet number, the payment sum, and the date it’s been made should be visible.

Also, along with the statement/screenshot, please indicate the transaction ID of that payment on Binomo. The ID is a sequence of lowercase letters and digits, for example: cf312f4ffb626h46ab888aa698115424. It is available in the Transaction History tab in Cashier https://binomo.com/cashier/transactions. To obtain the transaction ID, follow the link, open the needed transaction with a click, and press on “Copy the transaction” button. Paste the ID into the message to us. For mobile version users, please go to the “Balance” section in the menu on the left side of the platform and take a screenshot of the required transaction.

Video Tutorial – How to make a deposit


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